Mokahum Students Missions | Nett Lake Baptist Children’s Evangelism Missions Trip 2016

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Post 1: It was a great week of Child Evangelism Class this week for the students which they studied during the day and demonstrations in the evening time getting ready for our Mission Trip to Net Lake November the 19-21 and to top it off God Blessed us with snow so keep Mokahum students and I in your prayers as we travel and share the gospel.

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Post 2 : The Mission Trip to Net Lake had a slow start because of a massive winter snow storm in Minnesota but we were able to finally travel to a place where there was more snow about 2 ft but we did reach our destination in Net Lake and had an awesome evening with the children and the adults that came for the evening services. Day one down 3 more services to go so keep us in prayer it’s been good so far and looking for a great next two days here in Net Lake Minnesota.

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Post 3: The Mokahum students and I had an Awesome time and experience at the Net Lake Baptist Church among the Bois Fort Band Of Chippewa in Northern Minnesota this past weekend 19-21 of November where we were able to have some students and I preach 3 night services one Sunday morning service as well as testimonies and the opportunity to put forth the Child Evangelism teaching from last week to good work in the evening times. Thanks everyone for the Prayers for the Mokahum students God Bless.

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–Leo Bird, Mokahum Men’s Director


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