Purpose, Mission, & Objectives

Our mission:

To see a growing force of Native American believers who have been established in their faith and trained as leaders so that Christ’s church will grow—both on and off reservations—through the evangelization of the lost, equipping of believers, preparing of leaders, and sending of missionaries.

Our purpose:

To bring Native American people to life and maturity in Christ by equipping disciples and training leaders through culturally relevant biblical education, ministry training, and life skills development.

Our objectives:

  • Biblical Education: To equip students with a basic understanding of the Bible, the essentials of historic Christian theology, and the necessary disciplines for growth and maturity in the faith.
  • Ministry Training: To facilitate students’ formation of an ongoing commitment to a local church body, evidenced through regular participation, meaningful relationships, and the active use of their spiritual gifts to contribute to the ministries of the church.
  • Life Skills Development: To guide each student in his/her development as a whole person—spiritual, intellectual, emotional, physical, and social—through mentoring, practical work experience, and possibly other avenues such as counseling or continuing education, depending on the individual’s needs.