Zane Williams (Navajo) — Director of Mokahum Ministry Center

Dan Hovestol— Admissions, Public Relations

Leo Bird (Cherokee) — Resident Director of Men, Missions Director

Bill Carr  — Director of Education

Tim & Amy Kastenbauer  — Facilities, Website/Photography

Paul & Michele Straubel — Ministry Training, Director of Center for Indian Ministries

Samuel & Sarah Dragomir— Student Work Program, Resident Director of Women

Larry & Pat Vezina— Cooks for Weekday Lunches

tbd — Director of Student Life, Contact Zane

INSTRUCTORS: Courses will be taught by a variety of guest instructors, including Mokahum staff, Native American leaders, pastors or lay leaders from local churches, and Bible college professors.

MENTORS: Mentoring will be done by mature Christians, both Native and non-Native, from the community or from the staff of Oak Hills Center for Indian Ministries.


Jim Bird (Cherokee)

Sisseton, South Dakota


Elizabeth Detweiler (Ojibwe)

Sleeman, Ontario

Bus driver

Derrick Houle (Cree)

Bemidji, Minnesota

Instructor/Counselor, Oak Hills Christian College

Mitch Johnson (Ojibwe)

Bemidji, Minnesota

Pastor, Mokahum Bible Chapel

Cassandra Medina (Potawatomi)

Bemidji, Minnesota

Paul Straubel

Bemidji, Minnesota

Missionary, Director of Oak Hills Center for Indian Ministries

Dan Wetzel

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Representative from the Christian & Missionary Alliance

Zane Williams (Navajo)

Bemidji, Minnesota

Director, Mokahum Ministry Center

President, Native American Association of C&MA