Mokahum Ministry Center offers a two-year discipleship certificate. Each aspect of this study program will contribute to one of our three objectives: biblical education, ministry training, and character formation.

Discipleship Program:

Two-Year Program

The goal of the two-year program is to provide the most essential knowledge and experiences necessary to equip students with a solid foundation for life and growth as a fully functioning member of the body of Christ.

BIBLICAL EDUCATION: Students will take Bible courses taught in one- or two-week modules, with only one course taught per week. Courses will be taught by visiting instructors approved by Mokahum’s advisory council. In addition to classroom instruction, all students will take part in a Bible conference each year.

MINISTRY TRAINING: Besides the courses taught on ministry topics, each student is required to become actively involved in a local church body, with special emphasis on building up the Native American congregations in our area. Regular church attendance and regular involvement in at least one ministry are the minimum requirements. The staff and students of the training center also join together to take part in mission trips and local service opportunities.

LIFE SKILLS: The curriculum includes courses intended to help students in their growth as a whole person (job skills, money management, health, etc.). In addition, students are required to participate in mentor and work programs.

MENTOR PROGRAM: Each student is paired with a mentor to guide his/her spiritual development and overall personal growth. The mentor and student develop a long-term relationship through regular one-on-one interaction, prayer, accountability, and practical counsel. Mentors assist students in developing goals and in creating a plan for reaching those goals. They encourage and keep students accountable for meeting ministry and work requirements, and they connect students with outside resources as needed—counseling, support groups, higher education, etc.

WORK PROGRAM: Everyone who enrolls at Mokahum shares in the daily chores related to the running and upkeep of the school, including cleaning and maintenance. Students in their second and third year are encouraged to work at a job outside the school. In the future, Mokahum may develop its own student-run business.

SCHEDULE: Mokahum Ministry Center operates on a semester system, with a fall semester and spring semester each lasting 15-16 weeks. Courses are taught in one- to two-week modules.

Accreditation & Affiliation

Mokahum Ministry Center is an outreach of Oak Hills Center for Indian Ministries. Some credits completed at Mokahum will be transferable to Oak Hills Christian College. Mokahum is not an accredited institution, but offers a certificate of completion to students who successfully fulfill the required curriculum. Mokahum Ministry Center is nondenominational, accepting students from a wide variety of churches who are personally committed to faith in Jesus Christ. Oak Hills Fellowship is a charter member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability.