Discipleship lies at the core of the Christian faith, embodying the call to follow Jesus and transform our lives to reflect His teachings. Mokahum Discipleship Ministry is an exceptional institution that understands the true essence of discipleship. In this blog post, we will explore how Mokahum empowers individuals to become disciples, equips them with biblical truth, fosters a transformative character, and inspires them to fulfill their purpose.

Becoming Like Jesus

At Mokahum Discipleship Ministry, being a disciple means more than mere knowledge; it is about embodying the qualities of Jesus. The center nurtures an environment where students and instructors alike engage in authentic relationships, supporting one another in their faith journey. This sense of community fosters personal growth as individuals learn, grow, and do life together.

Helping Others Be Disciples

One of the fundamental aspects of discipleship is passing on what we have learned to others. Mokahum recognizes the importance of reproducing disciples and places a strong emphasis on the Great Commission. Through intentional training and purposeful mentorship, students are equipped with the necessary tools to become effective disciple-makers, ensuring that the mission of spreading the Gospel continues to impact lives beyond the center’s walls.

Knowing Biblical Truth

A solid understanding of biblical truth is vital for any disciple. Mokahum Discipleship Ministry provides comprehensive coursework, rooted in Scripture, that deepens students’ knowledge and application of God’s Word. The outcome-based curriculum ensures that students graduate not merely with head knowledge, but with transformed hearts and lives, living out what they have learned.

Becoming Like Christ in Character

Character development is a cornerstone of discipleship. Mokahum recognizes this and focuses on molding the character of its students to resemble that of Christ. By immersing themselves in an intentional environment, students learn to align their thoughts, attitudes, and actions with the teachings of Jesus. Through self-reflection, accountability, and the guidance of experienced instructors, individuals develop the virtues necessary for effective Christian leadership.

Doing What Jesus Wants Us to Do

True discipleship is not limited to theory or knowledge alone. Mokahum Discipleship Ministry places great emphasis on practical application, encouraging students to actively engage in fulfilling Jesus’ desires. Students participate in off-site short-term mission trips, wilderness canoe trips, and various service and ministry projects within the local community. By immersing themselves in hands-on experiences, students learn to live out their faith, serving others and making a tangible impact in the world.

Cost and Schedule

Mokahum understands the financial challenges many students face and strives to make education accessible. Tuition at Mokahum is $250 per month, which includes coursework, curriculum, housing, and noon meals on class days. Scholarships are available for those in need, and students are encouraged to seek support from their families, churches, and tribes.

The center operates on a year-round schedule with short breaks during Christmas and spring, while providing a six-week summer break for students to spend time with their families. The academic year includes off-site mission trips, a wilderness canoe trip, as well as regular service and ministry projects. Due to the flexible nature of the training, students can join the program at any time, ensuring that they can embark on their discipleship journey without unnecessary delays


Mokahum Discipleship Ministry stands as a beacon of discipleship, providing a holistic approach to spiritual growth and service. By cultivating a relational, intentional, and reproducible environment, Mokahum equips individuals with the knowledge, character, and practical skills necessary to become effective disciples of Christ. Through their dedication to empowering others, Mokahum inspires a new generation of followers who are committed to embodying the teachings of Jesus and transforming the world with His love.

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