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An incoming student can start at any time. The student body does go together on a wilderness canoe trip at the end of August each year and this is a great time of building relationships and community.

In two words, it doesn’t. We take 1-2 week breaks during November, December/January, and March and a 6-week break in July/August. We view the disciple-making process as one that continues during the entire time at Mokahum and beyond.

That is up to the Holy Spirit working in the heart of each student. Since we are an outcome- based program, our students are finished when the knowledge, character, and skills of a disciple-maker are evident in their lives. Together with the staff the student will determine when they are done at Mokahum. They will then be commissioned and sent to the place of ministry to which God is calling them. Most students will probably take between 2 and 3 years to finish.

There is no application fee, but we do ask that students come with a money order or cashier’s check for $250.00 to cover the first month’s room, board, and tuition.

Tuition, room, and noonday meals on class days. Students are responsible for providing their own personal items and for breakfast, evening, and weekend meals. For this reason, we encourage students to have a part-time job while attending Mokahum.

A student can move in anytime that class is in session. We do not bring in new students during the breaks.

The application process will include:

  • Filling out and submitting the application form

  • Having a phone conversation with the Mokahum Director

  • Passing a background check

Once these steps are completed, a decision on acceptance will be made and the prospective student will be informed.

Mokahum is on the Leech Lake Reservation and we have an IHS facility within 3 miles of campus. We also have a regional hospital located in Bemidji – about 10 miles away.

We encourage our students to work part-time. This helps with their personal expenses and gives them the opportunity to be a witness at their place of work. There are many employment opportunities in the Bemidji area.

If you like mild summer days with cool nights, living minutes from the nearest lake, looking out the window and seeing deer (or an occasional bear), enjoying glorious fall colors and spectacular Northern Lights . . . you’ll love it here.

Average high in July is 77. Average high in January is 16.

It’s true that we get cold and snow in winter, but that makes all sorts of winter sports possible. And . . . we have furnaces.

Mokahum is 10 miles from Bemidji, a university town of 15,000 people. Restaurants, movie theaters, summer and winter sports events, and concerts make up community life. The area around Bemidji is also home to some of the best hunting and fishing in the world.

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