Welcome Students! 2016 Orientation

MMC Orientation 2016-3We are excited and honored to have four new students, and FIVE returning students this year at Mokahum Ministry Center! We have students from Canada and US. Please pray for our students and staff as we all get settled into the school year routine. We have many individuals lined up to come and teach both the Two-Year Program and the Three-Year Program! The teachers are Pastors, Professors, Native Leaders, and Ministry Partners from all across the nation. Praise the Lord!

MMC Orientation 2016-8

Zane Williams is our Director, and we know he is doing a great job in leading these students through discipleship and ministry skills. Please pray for Zane as he has a lot to manage on campus this year. Another great blessing, is that we have a lot of staff again this year! Please pray for all the staff involved with Mokahum.

MMC Orientation 2016-4
MMC Orientation 2016-5
MMC Orientation 2016-6
MMC Orientation 2016-7
MMC Orientation 2016MMC Orientation 2016-2