Mokahum Ministry Center is a discipleship training center for adults, designed with the purpose to bring Native American people to life and maturity in Christ by equipping disciples and training leaders through culturally-relevant biblical education, ministry training, and character formation.

About Mokahum
Ministry Center

MMC’s mission is to see a growing force of Native American believers who have been established in their faith and trained as leaders so that Christ’s church will grow—both on and off reservations—through the evangelization of the lost, equipping of believers, preparing of leaders, and sending of missionaries.


This is a two-year program to assist students in becoming a more committed follower of Jesus Christ. The goal of this program is to provide the most essential knowledge and experiences necessary to equip students with a solid foundation for life and growth as a fully functioning member of the body of Christ.

Church Leadership

This four-year program begins with completion of the discipleship program, followed by two years of additional study, mentoring, and practical ministry experience. The goal of this program is to equip students who are called to full-time ministry or desire more preparation for their role within a local church.