Receiving and Giving Grace

For quite a while my working definition of grace has been “God giving us what we don’t deserve.”  I don’t deserve salvation, I don’t deserve to have the Holy Spirit living in me, I don’t deserve to have God’s help daily.  And yet God, because of what Jesus did at the cross, chooses to give […]

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The Power of Sight

Why did Jesus connect so well with people that would normally have little or nothing to do with religion?  I understand why the religious leaders resisted him.  He was a threat to their power within the culture they had created over centuries.  People almost always react – sometimes violently – when they feel their power […]

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Cultivating Discipleship and Community

Discipleship lies at the core of the Christian faith, embodying the call to follow Jesus and transform our lives to reflect His teachings. Mokahum Discipleship Ministry is an exceptional institution that understands the true essence of discipleship. In this blog post, we will explore how Mokahum empowers individuals to become disciples, equips them with biblical […]

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mokahum June 8, 2023

Empowering Native Christians for Discipleship

Mokahum Discipleship Ministry: Empowering Native Christians for Discipleship Founded in 1948 by the Christian and Missionary Alliance, Mokahum Indian Bible School served as a residential institution, imparting biblical training to Native Americans. For three decades, students from diverse tribes flocked to Mokahum, equipping themselves to become pastors, missionaries, and Christian leaders within their communities and […]

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